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Operating in Central Otago and surrounding districts, South island, New Zealand
Who we are

Find It Geosystems

Based in wanaka, otago and operating in the surrounding districts of the south island - new zealand

At Find It, we are professional underground utility locators equipped with the latest locating technology in the industry to prevent potential damages to people, property and infrastructure on your site.

We have a wide skill set of expertise to meet your needs, from alpine environments and large jobs at ski resorts to smaller jobs in residential areas, and farms.

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Ground Penetrating Radar used by FindIt Geosystems Wanaka NZ
what we do

Cable and Pipe Locating

We find underground services by using the latest Radio Detection locating equipment to deliver high precision accuracy of existing underground utilities. Our RD8100PDL equipment uses radio frequencies and precision ground antennas.

We also use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) of which uses a geophysical method to image the subsurface via radar pulses. GPR is required when infrastructure does not have a current or a signal to detect e.g. a plastic pipe. Our GPR can find any underground utilities such as non-metallic and metallic infrastructure, any disturbed soil types or buried objects like manholes or valves.

We find:

  • Underground pipes
  • Power cables
  • Fibre cables
  • Storm water pipes
  • Sewers
  • Man holes

BEFORE you dig!

RD8100 Cable, Pipe and RF Marker Locator used by FindIt Geosystems
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